Lotto winner to buy house, SUV and take family vacation

May 18, 2017
Lotto winner W Cargill poses with a symbolic cheque representing the $151 million jackpot he won on May 6. Cargill, a player of Lotto for the past 20 years, purchased his winning ticket at the Supreme Ventures-owned Acropolis Gaming Lounge located on East Kings House Road in St Andrew.

Jamaica's newest millionaire says he will be extra careful with the money he has won. The millionaire, identified as W. Cargill, won the $151-million Lotto jackpot on Saturday, May 6.

Not only has he taken care to protect his identity, he has indicated that he will not be reckless in spending his winnings. Photos of Mr Cargill collecting his massive cheque from Supreme Ventures reveal that he used various pieces of false hair, accentuated with a massive pair of shades as a disguise.

“We’re going to be careful, take it one day at a time and do our thing. If you’re not careful you might find that it finishes so quickly and you won’t realise where it went,” he said.

Mr Cargill said his first move will be to purchase a home and a sport utility vehicle, and take a family vacation. 

Lottery winners have been known to have squandered their new found wealth, an example being Michael McLean from Woodburn, St Thomas who blew the bulk of his $45-million winnings.

Lotto winner Michael McLean is now broke.

Last March, McLean told The STAR that he has no money to buy food on a regular basis and almost nothing to show, except for his unfinished eight-bedroom 'mansion' and his faulty Chevrolet Avalanche that has been parked in his yard since 2010.

Meanwhile, Mr Cargill has admitted that his life will never be the same having won $151 million.

The 52-year-old, who has been working for the past 35 years, says his future plans include a focus on investments and real estate.


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