Residents protest outside Rifle Association HQ

May 18, 2017

A group of residents of Mountain View and some surrounding communities gathered in close vicinity to the headquarters of the Jamaica Rifle Association (JRA) last night to protest what they claim to be the manufacturing and sale of illegal bullets at the 121 year-old institution.

Armed with placards, the protesters chanted and waved their signs to vehicles that passed.

"They want to kill us off and kill our children off," one resident said. Another resident said, "We get inside information say them a mek and a sell illegal bullets over deh."

One resident is also concerned about the time when some members of association decide to test their skills with a firearm.

"Another thing, all eight, nine, 10 o'clock inna the night them a fire shot ova deh and we can't sleep. People have work and school fi go," she claimed.

The residents say they want a thorough investigation into the operations of the JRA.

THE STAR tried unsuccessfully to get a comment from a representative of the JRA last night as the members were said to be in a meeting.

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