Jamaican people are too lazy - psychologist says slim-quick products will always sell

May 19, 2017
The aloe-based, slim-quick product.
Neville DaCosta shows off a bottle of the slim-quick product that he says is selling fast.
Leahcim Semaj

Renowned psychologist Dr Leahcim Semaj says the reason so many slim-quick products are doing well on the local market is because Jamaicans still believe in the fallible notion of ‘something for nothing’.

Semaj's comments come at a time when slim-quick product ‘Aloe Ginger Essence slimming cream’ is selling like hot bread in downtown Kingston.

“A lot of people would like to lose weight but they don’t want to do the work,” Semaj said. “It’s this notion of getting something for nothing and there is no such thing in the universe.”

He continued: “Look back at Cash Plus (the alleged Ponzi scheme operated by Carlos Hill which crashed in 2008). Somebody comes and offers you something for nothing even though it violated the laws of economics. The laws of economics say that the greater the risk, the greater the reward, and this person is telling you that this has no risk and it will double your money, and you don’t question it.”

One of the vendors of the slim-quick product, Neville DaCosta, told THE WEEKEND STAR that he has never gone back home with a package of the product since he has been selling them over two months now. 

“The people love it. Every day mi come out them sell off,” DaCosta said. He said a woman imported the products from abroad and hired several young men to vend them. 

“Mi nuh know where she get them exactly, mi just a juggle them,” DaCosta said. As stated on the package, ‘Aloe’ promised to show results in five days.

“You add it to the belly, it gets underneath the pulse and destroy the fat rapidly,” DaCosta explained. “The rest of products just mek your entire body get meagre. This jus' move the belly totally and the side, it no trouble your breast.”

Plastic surgeon Jan Hochtritt said these products are fraud and do not work.

“It doesn’t work and it cannot work,” Hochtritt said.   

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