Man with small penis says weight loss can boost size

May 20, 2017

A man with a micro-penis is adamant that losing weight can stop the male genitalia from being "buried" and looking even smaller.

Ant Smith bravely appeared on live television to raise awareness for men who are not well endowed and to give advice on how to prevent their manhood from looking even more petite.

Speaking on ITV's 'This Morning' on Friday, he said: "I think men certainly will exaggerate, round up, maybe not answer such questions directly.

"When I was growing up the received wisdom was average was between six and seven [inches], so when you get an anxiety it sticks in your mind.

"There's a couple of things that definitely work, one is control of weight.

"As you put weight on more of that gets buried. That can make up to a couple of centimetres difference."

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