Gore, Summerbell hospitalised after CMRC crash

May 22, 2017

Race day at the Jamwest Motorsports and Adventure Park in Westmoreland came to an abrupt end yesterday after veteran race car drivers Doug 'Hollywood' Gore and David 'The King' Summerbell collided and had to be rushed to the hospital.

Two race officials who were on the side of the track also sustained injuries and had to be taken to the hospital, following the crash that happened in the last race of the day, the Seaboard Marine Caribbean Motor Racing Championship (CMRC) Group 4, which also doubled as the main event.

Gore, who drives an Audi TT RS, is the defending individual champion and was raring to retain the title as well as dethrone Guyana as the defending country champion.

Spectators captured the shocking scene on camera as Summerbell, who drives a Mitsubishi Evolution 8, tried to middle Gore and Kyle Gregg, who drives a Radical RXC, only to collide with Gore, sending both men into the barrier wall before their vehicles came to a rest.

The men's team and race organisers were unable to give a comment, but it was reported that all four persons are in stable condition at the hospital.

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