Taxi operators want 50 per cent fare increase

May 22, 2017
Egerton Newman


Egerton Newman, president of The Transport Operators Development Sustainable Services is adamant that public transport operators should receive a fare increase as they are operating under burdensome circumstances.

"The price of gas gone up. And everything is going up and we have to now say definitively what we want. Should we park our vehicle? Or should we ask for $50 on our fares?" Newman said.

Although, there is a reduction in the increase they are asking for, Newman believes an increase of any amount is needed because taxis are operating at a loss.

"When we started out in January, we asked for a 100 per cent and we cut it down to 50 per cent now. We are talking about it and if we get 40 per cent, we'll accept it," he said.


Operating cost


Newman argues that although he understands there is no increase in wages for the commuting public, transport operators can't continue to burrow to finance their operating cost.

"Should we continue to lose in terms of our operating cost? We have to pass it on to somebody," he said. "It is a burden on us and we can't sit on it for four to five years without an increase, it is impossible, the light company wouldn't do that so why should the transport sector do that."

Newman believes that if that transport operators are often chastised for the conditions of the vehicles that they drive, however without an increase in fares they can add more vehicles that could improve the comfort of passengers.

Newman said a meeting was scheduled with the Minister of Transport, however it had to be postponed due to the inclement weather.

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