No time for Ward - some persons decide not to help nat'l Labour Day project

May 24, 2017
Workers cleaning the stage at the Ward Theatre yesterday.
Joseph Edwards tiles the floor in an office at the Ward.

While scores of volunteers were hard at work, painting, sweeping and doing other tasks on the Ward Theatre, other individuals were more content in carrying out their day to day activities.

Persons in a betting shop worked on improving their prediction skills, vendors were busying soliciting sales, bar patrons were more into the spirit of drinking, while others were happy to participate as onlookers .

"I do my work a my yard already, so mi just a gwaan tek it easy now, have a drink and then me go in back go finish my likkle project a my yard," one bar man said.

Adrian Maragh, a vendor, tried to capitalise on the turnout of volunteers and onlookers by selling drinks and snacks close to where many were labouring.

"Mi woulda help but yu know me affi gwaan do my thing cause a this me live offa, a suh mi couldn't go work pon it [Ward Theatre] you know how much sales me ago lose," he said.


Lauded the efforts


While the importance of the 105 year-old structure was not lost on one woman, she was happy to play her part by just being there to witness the work.

"I am really looking. I come down to see what it is all about. It is a good idea because it need fi clean up from a long time," she said.

Among the volunteers was Brian Cameron, who lauded the efforts to restore the theatre to what it looked like in its glory days.

"The main reason I came to assist in this project is because I want to see the Ward Theatre come back up and running. I want to be a part of the history of refurbishing this building," Cameron said.

He said the theatre has been a place of entertainment for him since he was a child when he attended pantomimes and concerts that were held there.

"I got up out of my bed 5:30 this morning just to be here. I want to be here," he continued.

Patricia Patterson who said she has visited the theatre on numerous occasions, said she was happy to do what she could to give it a facelift.

"I decided that it couldn't happen and I don't come down to pick up or do whatever I am told to do. I happy with doing it," Patterson, volunteer said.

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