Damaged Clarendon bridge to be repaired

May 25, 2017
This bridge in Pennants, Clarendon was compromised during the recent heavy rains.

Member of Parliament for North Central Clarendon Pearnel Charles says the contractors of the newly installed Cupids Bridge in Pennants Clarendon have been advised that the structure has been damaged and that it needs to be repaired to maintain its integrity.

The infrastructure was damaged during the heavy rains last week when the Rio Minho was in full spate.

"The contractors have been advised of the damage, and I have no doubt that they are making arrangements to do repairs on it as soon as the rain is finished. Unless we do some serious river training, the river will continue to eat away its banks and destroy infrastructure," Charles said.

The bridge, which replaces the older Cupids bridge was completed four months ago by China Harbour Engineering Company and was slated to be officially opened this month.

Following a tour of sections of the constituency on Tuesday, Charles says although most areas that were blocked by landslides are cleared, the work crews will have to wait until the weather conditions improve before major work can begin.

"We haven't seen this amount of water for decades. If the bridge should be destroyed there can be no travel from south to the north coast unless its via toll" he said.

The National Works Agency has been advised and have confirmed that they will be doing some work on it.

Some five kilometres of road from Trumpet Tree to Pennants have been seriously damaged where neither vehicular traffic or pedestrians can pass.

Supplies were airlifted into that community last week, and arrangements are still being made to further assist the residents.

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