No to taxi fare increase - Passengers

May 26, 2017

With some taxi associations clamouring for a 50 per cent increase in fares, commuters who depend on these public passenger vehicles feel the time is not right for an increase.

"A raise a fare pon we right now? That a go rough pon we. The price and everything a go up already, and now taxi fare. We understand that them have family fi feed, but we can't manage that right now," Pamela Reid said.

Ainsley Walker feels that taxis are generating enough income, so an increase will be too much of a load for passengers to bear.

He said, "Taxi man mek crazy money. But we have an attitude in this country, weh we want to get rich ova night. Them fi memba seh is a business and them can't pressure the poorer class, cause no rich people nah tek taxi. It is just greed. Raise a fare now? No!"




He argues that if local taxi operators continue to get a fare hike, that would eventually lead to the influx of operators from other countries.

"Right now a some Indian and chiney man dem soon come tek ova, like inna England, to the way them taxi man ya a move," he said.

While Inez Dalley is opposed to a fare increase, she believes the public is powerless if it is granted.

"Whether or not them raise it, mi still affi live with it. We still a go travel and go 'bout we business but we can't do nothing if Government mek them raise it," Dalley said.

However, Leroy Long believes that public passenger vehicle operators should be granted an increase, but not the 50 per cent they desire.

"Taxi man can get an increase, 10 per cent or 20 per cent would be good because they deserve it, because the cost of gas gone up and memba them have children, too," he said.

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