Residents build house for elderly man

May 26, 2017
Charles Green is a happy man now that he has a new home.
Charles Green (left) gets a hug from his caregiver, Tanesha Anderson.
Charles Green is surrounded by persons from the Clarendon Municipal Corporation, the Poor Relief Department and members of his community.

A grand community effort coupled with the support of the Clarendon Municipal Corporation and the Poor Relief Department, coordinated by the councillor for the Kellits Division, Noel Nembhard, has resulted in a senior citizen now having a decent place to call home.

Charles Green, 91, affectionately called Mack, lived in a dilapidated shack after his house was destroyed by fire.

Nembhard told THE WEEKEND STAR that he reported the case to the parish council as soon as it was brought to his attention because he is aware that Green is a registered poor.

"I also went ahead and did the necessary paperwork to get the project off the ground because I couldn't be the councillor of this division and have a person like this living in such deplorable conditions. Today, I'm happy to be a councillor because I can help to provide a decent home for this elderly man to live," he said.


Residents assisted


Green's cousin, Levina May, explained that some of the young men in the community came together and made a small dwelling for Green but that it fell into disrepair.

"That's when I went to the councillor for the division and told him that we needed a place for him to stay and he agreed to help. He decided to do the work on Labour Day, but, we, the members of the community, came together as a team and started the project a week before, and then he came and helped to finish it that day."

Approximately $360,000 was spent on material and the residents assisted with labour.

The Hill Top community in Kellits, northern Clarendon, literally sits on a hill, and the elderly resident's house is conveniently located where community members can keep a watchful eye on him.

"He cannot help himself so as a community we rally around him to help him along in life now that he is old and cannot function well on his own," May said.

In adding that she often cooks his meals. but when she doesn't others do.

The acting deputy inspector of Poor, Ann-Marie Thomas, says Green is well known to the Poor Relief Department, and she is happy that he has received some assistance.

CEO at the municipal corporation, Rowhan Blake, told THE WEEKEND STAR that a decision was taken to move Green to the infirmary, but the residents objected and decided that they would assist in getting him a place to live. He said there are other residents living in the community under similar circumstances, and the councillor has expressed a desire to assist those persons as well.

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