Shops causing coin shortage - Consumers

May 26, 2017

Some members of the public are blaming local shop operators, who refuse to accept coins of certain value for the current shortage of 'silver money'.

Customers say the operators refuse to take 'jinglings' when they use them to make a purchase.

Lola Williams says that some institutions have become creative in limiting the inflow of coins into their operations by not giving back customers their change when they make a purchase.

"We are a set of people in this country who are naÔve. We get a lot of coins, but when we want to give them back, the same institutions won't accept it. You know how much money them mek off poor people? You know how much people change them keep?" she asked.




Williams argues that she has many coins which she is forced to keep or sometimes even throw away, because they are not accepted in some establishments.

"I have many at home, but I am not hoarding them. Not many people accept them, so I am stuck with them," she said.

While some operators have opted to increase or decrease the cost of their products or services to the nearest $50 or $100 to adjust to the coin shortage, Leroy Long, a fruit vendor, does not believe this practice should be allowed in all businesses.

He also believes that there is still a need for coins in the society.

Ainsley Walker argues that the country cannot run without coins, but said there is no need for 10 cents, 25 cents and $1, because there are no items or services that are priced at those value.

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