There is a God! - Lee Boyd Malvo's mother happy with overturned life sentences

May 27, 2017
Una James with letters from her son Lee Boyd Malvo.
Lee Boyd Malvo

Una James, the mother of Lee Boyd Malvo, said that she feels "a deep satisfaction" when she learnt that a United States High Court has overturned some of the life sentences of the Jamaica-born US sniper who was convicted for his role in a killing spree in Washington almost 15 years ago.

"I know that there is a God. He is there for the poor. He is there for the needy. The true and living God is not a partial God enuh," James told THE STAR.

A federal judge explained that the decision is based on the fact that Malvo was a juvenile when the sentences were imposed on him.

Malvo was 17 at the time.

Last week James told THE STAR that Malvo revealed to her in a letter that he was studying to become a pastor.

"I don't know if his decision to take biblical courses has anything to do with this, but God is there for the needy," James said.


New sentences


"I want to thank everyone out there who have been praying for Malvo, and I pray for the victims and their families too."

James, who was sleeping on the streets in Kingston last week, said she knows God will pull through for her as he has done for her son.

"As I said to you, I feel like I am living in a prison here in Jamaica and God is there for Malvo and he will be there for me too," James said.

Malvo pleaded guilty in Spotsylvania County, and agreed to serve two life sentences without parole.

US District Judge Raymond A. Jackson yesterday overturned those four sentences, and ordered the courts that imposed them to consider new sentences.

However, the judge did not disturb the six other life sentences for murders Malvo committed in Maryland.

Malvo, now 32 years old, is currently being held at Red Onion State Prison, a super-maximum security prison in Virginia.

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