Old school getting US$100,000 makeover

May 29, 2017
The Cove Early Childhood Institution is due to get a major makeover, making the learning space more comfortable.

Almost 90 years after the school was erected in Thompson Town, Clarendon, work to rebuild the Cove Early Childhood Institution is now under way.

The rebuilding of the basic school was made possible by a past student who was surprised to learn, in 2011, that classes were still being held in the room she first learnt how to count 54 years ago.

"I have always wanted to do something for the school, and I was having a conversation with a friend of mine and she donated US$100,000 (J$13 million) to the cause," Winsome Black told THE STAR.


Like Black, Cove Early Childhood Institution has produced many outstanding past students, according to the school's principal, Sherine Trowers.

"We have a lot of past students who are doctors, teachers, engineers," Trowers said.

She said she is elated that one of them has come forward to assist the institution, as the walls were literally falling apart.

"It was dilapidated because it was built from the 1930s. So, it was daub and wattle that it was built with and the dirt was falling apart," Trowers said. "There were a lot of cracks in the school walls ,and rats and birds would come through them."

The new building will boast six bathrooms, a cafeteria, principal's office, three classrooms and a computer room.

"We are still going to need chairs and desks, so I am asking past students or persons in the community to assist in any way that they can," Black said.

The old, one-room structure housed an average of 60 students during Trowers' 17-year tenure at the school, and she believes the additional space that will be provided in the new building will enable the students to learn better.

"I think the students will be more focused now, and they will be excited about the computers because when I take my laptop to school, I realise that they gravitate more owards what I am teaching," Trowers said.

The building is expected to be finished in August of this year. Persons who wish to support this cause can do so by going to www.coveeci.org.

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