Gangster’s murder splits community

May 30, 2017
Rifle King

Western Bureau:
If the word on the ground is anything to go by, an all-out war could be brewing between thugs in Bottom Pen, St James, following the recent killing of top-flight gangster Tadmar ‘Conti’ Whyte, who is better known as ‘Rifle King’.

According to a well-informed source, the much-feared Whyte, who was once on the St James police’s most wanted list, had a falling out with other gangsters who felt he was operating in a reckless manner and had become a trigger-happy menace to the community.

“Dem seh him neva did a tek talk, and as a known hot skull, he was getting dangerous,” said the source, who was seemingly trying to justify the killing.

“It nuh surprise me seh dem kill him. Even him friend dem did start get fraid a him.”

However, another resident, who was clearly not pleased with Whyte’s murder, described him as a loyal ‘soldier’, who could always be depended on to put his life on the line to protect the community in times of unrest with neighbouring communities.


“Rifle King was a loyal youth. Real general. A lie dem a tell seh him neva deh hold the order,” the resident said.

“Is a double-cross thing gwaan, and right now it divide the community. Dem shouldn’t kill di man.”

According to reports, at approximately 1 a.m. on May 16, heavy gunfire was heard coming from a section of the Bottom Pen community.

The following morning, Rifle King was found dead on a verandah with multiple gunshot wounds. His trademark rifle, which many say he always had in his possession at nights, was missing.

Interestingly, since the killing, several well-known gangsters have reportedly been keeping out of sight, fearing that they might become the target of acts of reprisal.

When quizzed about the situation in Bottom Pen, a senior police officer who is familiar with Whyte’s history said the gangster was no angel, and that, at one time, he was linked to about eight murders in the parish.

“While we can’t turn a blind eye to what is happening up there (Bottom Pen), the reality is that it is criminals killing criminals,” the lawman said.

“The only sad thing is that we do have some decent people living in the communities.”

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