Christopher Townsend is back on Munga's murder case

May 31, 2017
Christopher Townsend

Attorney at law, Christopher Townsend is back on the murder case involving entertainer Munga Honourable.

“There was a problem in terms of retaining me. They thought I was too expensive so they went to another lawyer,” he said. 

Townsend told The STAR that he had formed the impression that he was no longer representing Munga after he visited the entertainer at the police lock-up where is being held and saw another lawyer. He said that the situation led him to say he was not so sure whether he is still the artiste's attorney. He said the situation is now clear.

"I will not make any further comment on the matter but now I can clearly say I’m the lawyer,” Townsend said.

He also confirmed that the deejay will appear in the Gun Court on Friday and revealed that he will be making a bail application at that time.

“We are hoping to make a bail application ... A man’s liberty is at stake and, therefore, at the first opportunity, bail must be considered. It’s his constitutional right. I’d be very grateful to the judge if she exercised her discretion in my favour,” the lawyer said.


Townsend told The STAR the deejay is maintaining his innocence and has faith in the judicial system.

“I met with him yesterday to inform him about what is happening and he’s quite upbeat and optimistic. He’s a firm believer in the judicial system and so we will see what happens.”

Munga, whose given name is Damion Rhoden, was slapped with A murder charge in relation to the shooting death of Cleveland Smith in Ackee Walk, St Andrew, two weeks ago. The deceased is the same man who chopped the entertainer in 2015.


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