Cops seek alleged gun-toting woman

May 31, 2017


A video has been making the rounds on social media of a woman brandishing what appears to be a firearm while she issues threats to someone off camera.

"A wah do yu (expletive) Dan? Mi wi lick out yu (expletive) head inna the (expletive) day yah. Wah sweet yu?" the gun-toting female shouted in anger, while someone who appears to be filming the incident and another person jokingly beg to her to restrain herself.

Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge of the community safety and security branch, Gary Welsh, says the police high command and the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) in general, was very concerned that "persons would want to resort to these kinds of violent options to settle disputes whether or not it be in person or whether or not it be by sending a message as would appear in this particular video ...," he said.


Would be convicted


He noted this is the kind of image that triggers a police response and the JCF will be using all its tools to identify the person in the video and do an interview to see whether or not she will be able to explain what message she was sending and how what appears to be a firearm was being displayed in such a manner.

However, Welsh pointed out that if a gun was actually displayed, it does not necessarily mean the individual would be convicted.

"The fact that you are seen in a video with a firearm certainly might not be sufficient evidence to bring a conviction in terms of firearm possession," he said.

Welsh said he was also concerned about a worrying trend that sees more and more women being identified or suspected to be the perpetrators of violent crimes.

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