Men demand ‘Equal Rights’ branded caps

May 31, 2017
One of the Equal Rights caps currently on sale.
A sample of the No Eating Rights caps.

One group of entrepreneurs who have sought to capitalise on the popularity of Ishawna's controversial single; 'Equal Rights,' says even men have demanded the branded caps sporting the song's title above the peak.

At a price of US$20 or J$2,200, a representative who spoke with THE STAR says the hats are in high demand, with a great number of Jamaican females living locally and abroad wanting them.

But they stressed that orders have been coming in from both genders.

Despite offering promotional services and the creation of visuals (including, music videos and video ads), a representative of the group (Lus TV) responsible for advertising the headwear, says that they decided to dabble in the production of the branded caps because of the slang's popularity.

"You know say this a Jamaica and slang kinda run Jamaica and supm weh people a ketch on to so as a yute inna the street weh no have a nine to five and me see say me can grab on pon something fi mek a income, me try it," he said.

The caps are manufactured in the US and shipped to Jamaica with a merchant based in Westmoreland. But customers who order the product can have them delivered islandwide.

Notwithstanding the division of opinion on the songs, the representative is confident they will generate a profit from the sale of the caps.

"It's a gamble; you don't know if you ago mek back yu money or not," the representative said. And for those who are against the message of Equal Rights, they also have 'counteraction caps'.

"We have 'No Eating Rights' hats fi the man dem," the representative said. "Me give a person who work inna a franchise some to sell and fi har own dem finish."

With the success of the caps, the proprietors of Lus TV plan to delve further into the manufacturing apparel.

"Yea, we intend to produce skirts for females and different styles of hats with Equal Rights. We'll also be premiering our Summer 17 skirts in a few weeks along with His Queen, Her King, Yardie and Stressfree shirts and blouse for males and females," he said.

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