Vox Pop : What do you think about proposed sexual harassment law?

May 31, 2017
Keneisha Hunter-Forbes
Maxine McKenzie
Tyesha Grant


Gender Minister Olivia Grange pronounced in Parliament yesterday that a law will be tabled to prosecute men who make unwanted sexual advances such as catcall 'Psst!'.

In light of that, THE STAR asked persons: How do you feel about the impending law? What sexual advances have you experienced?

I agree with that law. Sometimes yu walking, they touch yu and when yu don't like it them cuss yu. Even my 13-year-old daughter, a man touch her and when me go to him bout it, him tell me say a him fi touch her and ask me if a woman me want touch her.

- Maxine McKenzie

Some man love touch. Some man see yu a go bout yu business, them just see yu and grab yu up. Law fi pass gainst it. A no every woman weh come a road a look somebody. A law fi pass too fi lock up woman who walk pon the road naked [in skimpy outfits]. Cause sometimes the man dem feel say just because them dress suh them suppose to touch them.

- Keneisha Hunter-Forbes

Mi don't like when some man touch. Psst!! Nothing no wrong with dat but some a the man love touch. When yu talk up to them and smile with them, dem feel it okay fi touch yu. Law fi pass, yes, so them can get charged.

- Tyesha Grant

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