Disturbing diaries entries - Mother wants daughter removed from abusive environment

June 01, 2017

A perturbed mother is imploring state authorities to act with greater care and urgency in dealing with matters involving children, after she has been trying unsuccessfully for more than three months to remove her child from what she deems to be a stressful and abusive environment.

Anna Brown*, a 29-year-old nail technician, told THE STAR that she has been left feeling broken after she found several disturbing diary entries written by her nine-year-old daughter, outlining what she has been enduring while living with her father and stepmother for the past three months.

"Today is Monday, and I really feel like I'm going to run away because of my stepmother and what she say about me and my mother. I just feel like I want to kill my stepmother, but God know I will not do that," the most recent entry, dated May 29, read.

THE STAR saw other entries that described how the stepmother hurls expletives at the child and constantly makes unsavoury remarks about her and her mother. Our news team also saw an entry where the child said her father cursed her because she expressed that she wanted to live with her mother.

Brown explained that the child was living with her all along, but towards the end of February, she was served a summons to attend Family Court, where the father applied for full custody of the child, claiming Brown is an unfit mother, and that he is more financially capable of caring for the child.




She said the court awarded temporary custody to the father and allowed her weekend visits until the matter is resolved.

"I don't understand how the court could do this without making the necessary checks to see what the situation is and what kind of environment the child is going into," she lamented.

She added that the court matter is being dragged on indefinitely while her child suffers, as on the last court date, there was no progress in the matter because the father's lawyer did not appear.

Brown further added that the situation has taken a severe toll on her little girl, and she fears that the child might act out the thoughts she shares in her diary.




"Each time I call police, nothing. I go to the Centre for Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse, and it's like they're dragging their feet. It needs to stop. It's affecting her in many ways. Her grades are dropping, and every time I see her, she keeps saying. 'Mommy I really want to come home, you can't just take me away? I feel so uncomfortable'," Brown said.

The child's mother said her worries increased when her daughter's teacher recently expressed concerns after the child came to her saying she wants to kill her stepmother and run away because of what has been happening at home.

This prompted Brown to call the Child Development Agency (CDA), however, she said she was advised that intervention could take about 30 days.

"I can't wait that long because my child can run away by then. She can try to harm herself. I feel so hopeless," she told THE STAR.

Rochelle Dixon, communications manager of CDA, said she could not speak to a 30-day wait period, however, she has promised to contact Brown so the matter can be addressed.

*Name changed to protect the child.

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