Homeless man claims he was thrown out of shelter

June 01, 2017
Odaine Campbell says he has been thrown off the compound at which he was seeking shelter.

A man, who visited THE STAR last month alleging that he slept on the concrete at nights, claims that he was thrown off the compound of a homeless shelter where he had sought refuge, as a result of the story that was carried in the paper.

Odaine Campbell, 29, who has a broken back, says he has been turned away form the place he rests at nights and denied money that he used to take care of himself.

"Them refuse from give me the PATH money, them throw out me things them outta road," he said. "A the PATH money me use fi buy orange fi me three year-old son and buy food fi eat."

Campbell claims that he is being treated harshly because of the story that was carried in the May 17 edition of THE STAR.

"Them a talk bout say me come a STAR come report say chink and roach a bite me pon concrete there so me must come off a them compound and gwaan go sleep pon the road side and them throw out me wheelchair," Campbell said.

Personnel at the shelter denied the claims saying that they are not allowed to turn back anyone from the shelter but indicated that they could not speak on record because of protocols that had to be followed.

When contacted, town clerk of Kingston, Robert Hill under whose purview the shelter falls, indicated that he could not speak about the issue because he had no knowledge of it, but said he would be doing an investigation.

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