PM wants less use of force by police

June 01, 2017
Graduates parade at National Police College of Jamaica Passing-out Parade and Awards Ceremony recently.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness, says the Government is working to address the over-reliance on the use of force in policing.

He said the method has not been successful in maintaining the rule of law and public order.

He was addressing the opening of the inaugural Caribbean Use of Force in Law Enforcement Conference at the Jamaica Conference Centre in downtown Kingston yesterday.

He noted that the State is seeking to ensure that the country's law-enforcement agencies operate in such a way that creates trust, builds confidence, bridges the gaps and makes the public feel that there is no need to fear the police, and that the best solution is to cooperate.

Holness said the security forces oversight body, the Independent Commission of Investigations, is an important part of the process.

He said further that as it will take some time to equip the "police forces" with other means of enforcing the law, there must be an institution with integrity that is "well respected" and "well-resourced", to investigate when issues occur that result in the abuse of rights or loss of life.

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