Woman selling her engagement ring after finding out fiancé is gay

June 01, 2017

A woman is selling her engagement ring online after finding out her future husband is gay. The 27-year-old model, Laura, has listed the expensive-looking sparkler on
bidding site eBay and it has already reached £5,000 (approximately J$833,413).

The listing reads: "So, you know when you're engaged to be married and then suddenly your fiancé starts spending a little too much time with his friend, Brad?

And you're like, 'Hey, it's okay, Brad's a great guy. He's pretty buff and he's a laugh and his fashion sense is amazing.' 

So then your fiancé starts not coming home at night because he and Brad had a 'wild one' and he comes back walking a little bit like John Wayne at 4 p.m. the next day and you think 'Wow! It must have been a wild one since he can't walk straight anymore. They must have had a lot of good, clean fun together. (sic)"


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