Blocked domino game leads to fight

June 03, 2017

A domino game that turned physical has landed partners in court after they came to blows following a 'bad' play by one of the players.

The play caused the game against their opponents to be blocked. Charged with assault occasioning bodily harm is Robert West.

When the matter was called up in the Kingston and St. Andrew parish court yesterday, he pleaded not guilty.

The court was told that both West and the complainant were playing dominoes on the day in question and the accused punched his partner twice in his face causing swelling and bruising.

West however told the court a different tale. He accused his partner of being drunk and that it was the complainant who was the aggressor.

"Him block the game your honour, and when him lose, him 'shub' over the table. I never punch him, him run into me and I toss him in the grille," he said.

Parish Judge Chester Crooks asked West if they were friends; he told the court yes. However his former partner had a different opinion.

The complainant told the court, "I was badly injured. My x-rays and medical bills reach over $40,000."

West said he was willing to help the complainant shoulder the expenses.

A trial date was eventually set in the matter for June 6. West's bail was extended until then.


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