Businessman freed in $2 million appliance heist case

June 03, 2017


A man was freed yesterday in the St Catherine Parish Court following a no case submission, involving a J$2 million appliance heist case.

Businessman Andre Green had charges dropped following a no case submission by his attorney Able-Don Foote.

Green was charged with simple larceny, receiving stolen property and conspiracy to steal over $2 million worth of appliances, property of Rush Marketing Company Ltd.

The heist reportedly occurred between the May 5 and 6, 2014.

THE STAR gathered that a number of witnesses were called involving Green and his co accused Adrian Fuller.

According to the court Rush Marketing Company Ltd delivered a number of appliances to their haulage contractor. They were to be transported to a customer in Santa Cruz.

The truck driver parked at his house, intending to deliver the appliances the following morning. However when he woke up, the truck was missing.

After a report was made to the police, Green and Fuller were charged after a probe began. Investigations lead the police to an area along the Dyke Road in Portmore.

The prosecution witnesses further testified that Green organised for the return of the appliances to the police.

Foote, in his successful no case submission, argued that an essential element of each offence was not made out by the prosecution to support their indictment.

Foote submitted it could not be proven the items retrieved were the property of Rush Marketing, neither did the evidence establish that Green had knowledge they were stolen.

Parish judge Tara Reid-Carr agreed and upheld the submission.

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