Cop fined for beating up Joe Grind

June 03, 2017

A police corporal who pummelled a man he caught in bed with his then girlfriend has dodged a prison sentence.

Craig Brown, who was attached to the National Intelligence Bureau of the Jamaica Constabulary Force at the time of the 2012 incident, was instead fined $100,000 when he was sentenced in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court today following his conviction for unlawful wounding.

Brown's attorney also asked senior parish judge Simone Wolfe Reece, who presided over the trial, not to record the conviction.

"The incident is out of character for him. His job is now in jeopardy as he can't be a serving member with a conviction," the attorney pleaded.


Man in bed


But Wolfe Reece would have none of it. "That is not an application I am going to entertain," she declared.

Not recording the conviction, Wolfe Reece explained, would have implications for the court should Brown apply to be reinstated.

According to prosecutors, Brown left work and went home on September 2, 2012 to find his then girlfriend and another man in bed and gave him a beating before transporting the injured man to a private doctor.

Prosecutors say he later deposited the man at the Kingston Public Hospital then drove away.

Wolfe Reece said it crossed her mind to give Brown a custodial sentence, telling the police corporal "you need to understand the gravity of what happened" on the day of the incident.

However, she expressed the view that Brown, who appeared on the verge of tears, was not a "suitable candidate for a custodial sentence."

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