Cocaine spike! - Police uncovering more drugs

June 05, 2017

The Narcotics police have observed a spike in the amount of cocaine being trafficked in Jamaica and subsequent seizure by the authorities.

In the latest discovery, at Gordon Cay at the Kingston Container Terminal on Wednesday, the police have increased the value of the drugs seized to $90 million.

Initially the police uncovered 141 pounds (64 kilos) with an estimated value of $77 million. However, further checks hours later revealed another 24 pounds (11 kilos) valued at $13 million.

The police told THE STAR that there appear to have been a resurgence in the cocaine trade.

"Yes. We are seeing more cocaine coming in especially on shipment. In the past few weeks there have been several interception at both ports. We have seen people try to take cocaine off in all types of ingenious ways as well as we have seen cocaine being seized at the wharves. Its heightened search process and it is also yielding results where you see more drugs being seized," Inspector Daliah Garrick said.


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