'God rescued me' - Woman who fell in backyard pit speaks of ordeal

June 05, 2017
Linnett Brown
Linnett Brown
Linette Brown's bruised knee.

Linnett Brown experienced a horrifying ordeal last Wednesday when she plunged 15 feet into a pit that she wasn't even aware existed.

Brown was hanging out clothes at her home on Norman Lane, Kingston 13, when she fell.

"I was henging out some clothes and when I reach half way in henging out the clothes, I just find miself going down. I fell straight down," she explained.

From deep in the pit and covered up to her neck in muddy water, she cried out to a man who she saw sitting in the yard for help, but to avail. The pit is a soakaway, which takes water from bathrooms and cistern.

"Me call out for Mr Willy. Help! Help me! Come help me!" she said. It was then that she turned to God.

"I was praying. That's what I was doing. I was praying, I was worshipping," she said.

"Me a worship and me say, 'God, me know you a go get me out. You a go tek me out because yu put me right here suh fi lean up for a purpose and me know you a go get me out God'," she continued.

Despite her predicament, she expressed that at no point did she feel scared.

"I was always believing in God and praying. Mi just dung deh a pray. A just dat deh pon me mind. Me a worship and me want fi come out a it," she said.




After being in the pit for approximately three hours, Brown was finally discovered by the same man who she had been calling out to for help.

"Him hear the calling, but him didn't know where it was coming from. That was when something drop down into the hole and splash and him hear it and him see the hole and him look down and saw me wid mi hands up," she said.

The man alerted persons in the community, who rushed to assist her. The police, as well as firefighters, soon arrived on the scene. However, even with the arrival of help, she had to wait awhile before she was back above the ground.

She was taken to the Kingston Public Hospital, where she was treated and released later that evening after suffering a few bruises and hurting her back as an impact of the fall.

"I just have a pain in mi back even now," she said.

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