Haitian police gun found in Rockfort

June 05, 2017
This Galil Ace 22 rifle that was found in Rockfort, East Kingston, is among 60 recovered by the police in the division.

The East Kingston police yesterday discovered a Galil Ace 22 rifle, which bears the insignia of the Haitian police in the war torn community of Rockfort.

Local authorities are trying to determine how the rifle ended up in Rockfort, east Kingston.

THE STAR understands that gang warfare has been wrecking havoc in the area over the past few months and it was during a reportedly gun battle with the police that the high-powered weapon was unearthed.


Multiple gunshots


According to police reports, lawmen were reportedly on patrol in the area about 2 a.m. when they responded to explosions on Peters Road. On arrival, the cops said they saw a man with multiple gunshot wounds on the ground.

The injured man was rescued and subsequently assisted to the hospital for treatment.

THE STAR gathered that it was while the police was assisting the injured man they came under fire.

After the shooting subsided the firearm with the words "Police National D'Haiti" inscribed on it, was found.

A magazine containing six 5.56 cartridges was also found a seized.

The east Kingston police have since released the names of three of the most wanted men from the Rockfort community, who they say are wanted for serious crimes, including murder.

They are: Dwayne Barrett, otherwise called Nooksie, who is from Barnes Road in Rockfort and is said to frequent a section of the community known as Shanti. Also wanted is a man known only as 'Little Junior', who frequents Barnes Road; and Andrew Facey, also known as 'Andrew Phang'.


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