Phone thief faces prison

June 05, 2017

A phone grabber, who was on the run for a week until he was pointed out to the police, will know his fate on July 5.

Damion Bascoe pleaded guilty to the crime of larceny from the person when he appeared in the Kingston and St. Andrew Parish Court on Friday.

The court was told that on May 3, about 8 p.m., the complainant was walking along Port Royal Street in Kingston and talking on his cell phone when Bascoe came up behind him. He said Bascoe grabbed his phone and ran.

The complainant reportedly gave chase. However, Bascoe managed to outrun him.

The phone was valued at $8,500.

After the complainant spotted Bascoe again on May 9, the police were summoned and he was arrested.

The court heard that Bascoe, under caution from the police, said, "Officer me nuh do nothing. Mi know this man long time, mi wouldn't rob him."

Parish Judge Chester Crooks ordered that his fingerprints be taken and requested a social enquiry report before his sentencing date.

Bascoe told the court that he would be able to compensate the victim if he was allowed to get some bail. He was, however, remanded in custody until July 5.


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