Schoolgirls throw blows in bus park brawl

June 05, 2017
Half-Way Tree Transport Centre

A group of schoolgirls embroiled in a physical onslaught that sent scores of passengers and vendors at the Half-Way Tree Transport Centre running for cover on Friday.

Fists were thrown as vendors who are usually positioned to the front of the bus park had to hastily secure their goods, which were not spared the wrath of war mongering females students.

THE STAR understands that some of the girls, were eventually separated and taken to a nearby police post while others ran from the scene.

A manager at the facility told our news team that the girl's uniforms were torn and that there was visible injury, however, it was not disclosed what cause the altercation.


Extra security


A passenger who witnessed the brawl told THE STAR, "These schoolgirls nuh easy. You would think that a di schoolboys dem a behave so. Dem girls ya outdo the boys Friday. They should be ashamed of themselves. The children nowadays nah talk things out. They walk in groups and will fight. Even us adults have to watch out for them."

Last year, extra security was being proposed for the main bus park which students utilised heavily morning and evening.

Minister of State in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information Floyd Green told our news team he was unaware of Friday's brawl. He told THE STAR that checks would made into the incident.

Meanwhile, in a similar incident involving violence among school children, a 14-year-old excelsior high student remains hospitalised after he was stabbed at school on Thursday.

He was reportedly stabbed in the abdomen by another 14-year-old with a knife.

A police investigation has been launched into this incident.

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