When a 'rose' becomes a thorn

June 05, 2017

A man was fined $50,000 for assaulting the mother of his children and causing damage to a barrel of clothing and other items she had for sale.

Charged with malicious destruction of property and assault at common law is Derrick Rose.

He pleaded guilty to the offences and paid $10,000 in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Friday. He has been given two months to clear the balance.

The court heard that on May 15, Rose damaged clothing and bags of soap belonging to the complainant.

He also reportedly slapped the mother of his four children across the face and caused swelling and pain.

Rose, in his defence, told the court, "It never catch her Your Honour. I turned over the barrel, but mi tek up back the clothes dem and wash dem and put dem back."

The complainant told the court that she has been with Rose for 22 years and that things were not all rosy.

"This is not the first time him hit me, Your Honour. I moved out with my daughter. Is $35,000 I paid for everything in the barrel," she told the court.

Parish Judge Chester Crooks ordered that Rose fingerprints be taken.

A social enquiry report was also ordered. He is to return to court on July 26.

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