June 06, 2017

People often say men have a way with words. "Baby, buck yuh toe and drop ina mi life nuh!" This is what one Facebook user, Tracyann Braham, said was the worst pick-up line employed by a man who was trying to get her attention.

Responding to a question posed the Facebook page of THE STAR, another user said that the worst pick-up line she ever heard was "If I could rearrange the alphabet, me and 'u' woulda dhe beside one anada."

Women also use these lines to try and pickup a 'hot' or 'cute' guy wherever they go and some of these pickup lines are also considered to be some of the worse pickup lines ever heard. Another female user commented that she used a pickup line once when she was 18. This female continued to say that when she saw a guy she liked she said to him "Baby mi waa be a clown fi yuh. Mi cyaa come ina yuh circus?"

1. A rasta man wanted a dance so he approached the lady n said "daughter ... me would a love fi put a struggle pon u structa."
2. Baby you must be a thermometer because you make my temperature.
3. Baby you sell off not even crumbs nuh lef.
4. Baby u cumn like cemetery u jus full a body.
5. Gal a would a climb a macka tree naked fi yuh

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