Cop pepper-sprays colleague by accident

June 06, 2017
After intervening in a dispute, this policeman was forced to take a time out after pepper spay administered by one of his colleagues, ended up in his eyes.
Errol Crosby photo Two policemen seek to restrain a resident of Kidd Lane in St Andrew who was involved in an altercation with a female yesterday.
A policeman intervenes in a dispute between two residents of Kidd Lane in St Andrew yesterday.
A cop intervenes in a dispute between two residents.

Policemen posted in the Kidd Lane community, off Spanish Town Road, to deter criminal attacks from opposing gangs, got into action yesterday while our news team was roving the Kingston 13 area.

But this time around, there was no issue among gangs. Instead, cops were tasked with putting an end to a dispute between a man and a woman, who residents say are a couple.

About 1:30 p.m. the woman was walking along Kidd Lane with our news team, showing THE STAR the water crisis which exists in the community, when she was attacked by her boyfriend.

The two were in a tussle while residents beckoned to the police who were seated in their service vehicle.

The cops exited the vehicle and began to separate the two, however, the boyfriend would not relent.


Pepper spray


He hit the woman, causing her to fall the ground, while bleeding from above her right eye.

THE STAR had to take cover as the crowd grew. In a bid to subdue the irate man, one of the policemen used pepper spray.

Some of the spray got into the eyes of the other cop, rendering him partially sightless and crouching to the ground.

Back-up was called, and about five minutes later four service vehicles arrived on the scene to help the cops.

The pepper-sprayed cop was placed inside the service vehicle, and the injured woman was assisted.

However, THE STAR is not certain if the woman pressed charges.

Many residents could be heard shouting to her not to press charges saying, "A man and woman thing."

Meanwhile, the St Andrew South police are monitoring the area as thugs have made the lives of residents miserable with gun violence and the ongoing gang feud.

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