Family to plan 'two-in-one funeral' after tragedy

June 06, 2017
Family members of Allan Baker and Ophelia Baker, now have two funerals after both met a fiery end at their home in Barbary Hall, St Elizabeth.

A St Elizabeth family is now planning a 'two-in-one' funeral for two relatives who died a month apart, as a result of injuries they received in an arson attack at their home on April 29.

Ophelia Baker, 25, passed on Thursday June 1 at the Kingston Public Hospital, where she had been undergoing treatment after 85 per cent of her body was burnt.

Her death comes just two days before the family had planned to bury her father, Allan Baker, 49, who was also badly burnt in the incident, and died at hospital on May 3.


Very expensive


The family has postponed the funeral in light of Ophelia's passing.

"We're taking it very hard. My mind is so worried and confused," Julian James, Allan's wife and Ophelia's mother told THE STAR.

"It's very expensive to bury one Saturday, then after that you have another one to bury, so we just decide say we have to go bury the two of them one time," Julian explained.

She said the incident has taken a toll on everyone, in particular Allan's last son, Nickar, 10, who is now being treated for stress related systems.

Family members had explained that in the wee hours of April 29, Ophelia's estranged boyfriend, Alvin Francis, approached the family house, but Allan blocked him.

Francis then doused him with a corrosive substance and set him on fire. Ophelia tried to assist and was also doused and set on fire.

Francis also caught fire and died later. Violet, Baker's 14-year-old daughter, also sustained minor burns during the fiery fracas.

Still haunted by the memories of the tragedy, the family is now waiting the results of Ophelia's autopsy to set the funeral date for father and daughter.

Allan died leaving five children (including Ophelia), while Ophelia died leaving three children.

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