No charges yet for duo arrested in Lowe River murder

June 06, 2017
Superintendent Clive Blair

Superintendent Clive Blair of the Trelawny police division says two persons have been arrested in connection with the murder of Otis Patrick in the community of Lowe River.

However they are yet to be charged.

"They are to do a question and answer," Blair said. The body of Patrick, a building contractor, was found buried on a construction site in the community last Tuesday.

Blair described Lowe River as an area where there are fluctuations in criminal activities.

"There are times when, based on criminal activities moving in the space, there is concern. Mostly shootings but we don't have it frequently," he said.

Gruesome murders are nothing new to Lowe River. Just over a decade ago, residents slaughtered a yam thief and with their machetes dripping with blood, drank rum and danced in the streets in celebration of the act.


Most brutal


On April 3 this year, a 12-year-old boy used a machete to partially sever the head of his 14-year-old friend, Albert Town High School student Oraine Johnson.

However, some residents in the south Trelawny yam belt, believe Patrick's murder was the most brutal of all.

"This was an innocent man who never deserved to die the way he did," a resident told the Western STAR. "This has put another black mark on Lowe River."

According to reports, in late February, Patrick, who resided in St Mary, was contacted by an England-based cousin, who asked him to take over the construction of the luxury house he was building in Lowe River because he felt the contractor was not giving value for money.

In March, Patrick reportedly went to Lowe River and had a discussion with the other contractor. He subsequently took over the job.

However, within a week of his arrival, he went missing. Despite initial searches by the police, including on the construction site, there were no signs of Patrick.


Critical information


However, last Tuesday, the police reportedly got a big break when a source provided critical information to the police, which they used to arrest the first contractor and another man.

According to residents, the police subsequently went back to the building site, where they found a carefully concealed grave.

After some digging, they reportedly stumbled on the body of a dog. Patrick's body, with a bullet wound to the head, was subsequently found in a layer of dirt beneath the animal.

"De man dem who do dis fe get jungle justice, no court ting. All the dog di man dem murder. This is more than wicked, no sah. Lowe River nuh good again," said a resident.

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