Spouse on the run commits suicide - Man accused of chopping off woman's hand drinks poison

June 06, 2017

A Trelawny man, who was on the run for almost a month after he used a machete to sever a portion of his common-law wife's hand, was found dead on Sunday in what the cops believe was a case of suicide.

THE STAR understands that the body of Willard Grey, a resident of Wakefield in the parish, was found in bushes with what is believed to be a container with the poisonous substance close by.

"He was found decomposed. It is suspected that he committed suicide because he had said that to some family member. He said that he is going to drink Gramoxone. We found a container beside the decomposed body. It has to be tested by the forensic team," said head of the Trelawny police, Senior Superintendent Clive Blair, noting that a family member identified the body.

Our news team gathered that although efforts were made to apprehend Grey in relation to the chopping incident, he was at large when the police were summoned to where his body was spotted.

"The police were still looking for him after the chopping incident, but we couldn't find him. He apparently texted a family member and told them what he was going to do," Blair said.


Served cold dinner


THE STAR reported on May 8 that during a dispute with his common-law wife, Sonia Pearson, which allegedly started over Grey being served cold dinner, he used a machete to sever a portion of her hand.

"She finish cook the food and was calling him to come for his dinner, but him never hear. She shared the food and put it down. By the time him come for the food, it got cold, and them start to argue, and him chop her," a close relative said following the incident.

Pearon was rushed to the Falmouth Public General Hospital for treatment where she was admitted in serious, but stable condition.

THE STAR understands that before anyone could come to the woman's assistance, Grey fled the scene.

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