Women fearful following fatal attack

June 06, 2017
Errol Crosby photo The scene of Sunday night's incident where councillor Karl Blake was shot and his divisional secretary, Maxine Simpson was murdered.

Female residents are cowering in fear following the attack on councillor Karl Blake and the fatal shooting of his secretary Maxine Simpson on Sunday night at their divisional office on Spanish Town Road.

Yesterday, when THE STAR visited the area, pedestrian traffic was minimal.

THE STAR was told that some of the shops close to where the incident took place, closed their doors.

Simpson was described as a good person, who did not deserve to die the way she did.

A woman told THE STAR, "Mi nuh really sleep last night. When a man pump shot in a woman, the Bible a fulfil, enuh. Mi nuh know her more than so but I see her about the place. You see if we did know why dem kill her, maybe it wouldn't be so bad. We in fear as women because dem point gun pan her and shoot her up. Dem a politician so wah dem woulda do we."

THE STAR was told that the women are concerned especially because the area is in darkness.

Another female resident said "Light inna the centre, but the street dem nuh have light so we can't know where a man run go or turn after him done do him ting. The police post over here, but by 6 p.m. them lock up and gone. If me see a car come and me nuh know dem, me a run. Better me run and live fi see another day."

Bloodstains were still visible at the scene where the councillor fell after being shot.

According to the residents, the memory of Simpson sitting up in a chair dead will always be etched in their minds.


One-off incident


The residents say they want the police to find those responsible so they can know if it's a one-off incident or anything they should fear.

"Nobody nuh know, nobody nah talk. Only God alone know, but inna we, it leave a fear. We nuh know if a weh dem leave and go something happen or if a somebody just turn against them. We as women want to know. Other people were at the scene, but they were not harmed," the female resident said.

THE STAR understands that some women have chosen to stay away from the area until they know what has transpired.

Our news team was told that hours before the attack, Blake and Simpson displayed acts of kindness they are both known for.

"People want a bag juice, dem get it. If you want a pound of rice, dem sort it out," a resident told THE STAR.

The resident continued, "If we did hear say a outta road it happen, we wouldn't feel so bad. To know say is within the surrounding where you serve the people, wah would happen to we?"

THE STAR was told that Blake is a nephew of former Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller.

He is being treated at hospital for his injuries.

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