Vox Pop : How should Captain Horace Captain Burrell be honoured?

June 07, 2017
Maurice Reid
Shawn Ebanks
Michael Hall
Anthony Brown
Earl Cowan
Horace Laforest


Following news of Captain Horace Burrell's death yesterday, THE STAR took to the streets to find out how the public feels about the loss of the Jamaica Football Federation president and his contribution to the country's football programme.

THE STAR asked: What should Jamaica do to honour the memory of Captain Horace Burrell?

Shawn Ebanks: Like how Bob Marley woulda deh pon the statue, you can put up a statue with him. Him was a good man inna the country because him sponsors a whole heap a football competition and team. Yeah, man. Horace Burrell a good elder.

Anthony Brown: Them can put up all a statue like weh in the Heroes Park. A statue could be good, but them can also name a school after him where him come from. He was a good influence on the football programme, so I think he will be greatly missed.

Maurice Reid: A man like that, them can all give we a holiday cause them have whole heap a holiday inna Jamaica. So dem coulda have a holiday pon the day when Jamaica qualify fi World Cup and say this go back to a man weh contribute a lot to Jamaica so people can have this as a special day. If not, them can name all a street after him."

Earl Cowan: Me nuh really follow up football, but me respect him 100 per cent cause nuff people nuh know seh Jamaica coulda qualify fi World Cup. See like how you would a build a statue for Bob Marley, mi feel say them coulda build a statue for him too cause him beknown all bout, Jamaica, foreign. If dem want build a statue that woulda nice, yes.

Horace Laforest: First thing, he is remembered as the first man weh carry Jamaica go a World Cup, the under 17 and the big man dem. You will have to have a competition in his name, and a next thing yuh a go haffi have is a statue at the 'Office'.

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