BLAME THE GANGSTERS ... Security minister says gangs driving murder figures

June 08, 2017

Robert Montague says waring gangsters are responsible for driving up Jamaica's murder toll. According to the national security minister, many of the murders are inter- and intra-gang related arising from increased police intelligence and seizure of weapons which, in turn, have created tension and conflict among the gang members.

In a press release issued by his ministry today, Montague said that in places such as Barrett Town, St James, and Hanover, gangs are attempting to infiltrate communities from which others have been displaced.

Four people were shot and killed by gunmen who went on a rampage in the neighbouring communities of Barrett Town and Barrett Hall in St James on Wednesday night. At least 110 persons have been murdered in St James in 2017. St James had a record 268 murders last year.

In Hanover, where there has been a 100 per cent increase in murders this year, commanding officer of the Hanover Police Division, Sharon Beeput, says her team has been doing an effective job of starting the dismantling of gangs within the parish.

According to her, six members of the One Link Gang, four of the One Voice and six members of the Hundred Rounds Gangs have been taken into custody between April and May.

"We have recovered 12 firearms, 280 assorted rounds. We are working and impacting the gangs," she said. 

The senior cop said that the Ants Nest, 100 Rounds, One Link, and One Voice gangs are responsible for approximately 13 of the 31 murders which have taken place in Hanover since the start of the year.


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