Residents beg for 'red flag' to be lifted

June 09, 2017
Police on foot patrol in Kingston.

Residents of Kidd Lane in Kingston say a 'red flag' has been placed on their community by the security forces, cramping any possibility of social enrichment since the start of the year.

They, however, understand the flip side, as multiple murders and shootings in the area in recent times have caused the police to intervene and shut down parties in a bid to have control over the space.

So dire is the situation, that during a recent visit to the area, THE WEEKEND STAR witnessed a police service vehicle positioned on Kidd Lane. Our news team was told that they were placed there as a measure of security.

"You see da police car deh, dat nuh move unless dem get relief by another set of police. Dem deh deh right around the clock," a resident said.

The residents accept that safety is paramount, and so they don't mind the presence of the police. The cops were also lauded for the good work they have been doing.


Hosting events


But they told THE WEEKEND STAR that they would like the presence of the police when they are hosting events, and they are willing to have day events that finish before dark.

"Dem say we can't have no dance cause people a dead. So all right, why not mek we have we day rave? We start early and finish before night. The police can be present also," a woman proposed.

According to the residents, these events generate income for the promoters and bring enjoyment to the community.

"Day Rave is like a partner or round robin. Every week somebody have a draw. People use it to send dem kids to school. It can bring the two side of the community as one, and tek time bring back the place," another resident said.

A hairdresser told THE WEEKEND STAR that the 'red flag' placed on the community has cut into her earnings.

She said, "Me do nuff hair bout ya. If dance nah gwaan, the people dem nah do dem hair as much. And when war a gwaan inna the place, my outside client dem nah come here. It stop mi likkle food from come in. We need back we party dem, and the violence will stop."

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