Sick baby gets surgery date

June 09, 2017
Andre Trail holds his then eight-month-old daughter Alacia when THE STAR spoke with the family last year.

When she was just six months old, doctors told Alacia Trail's parents that she was suffering from biliary atresia, a rare liver disease.

They said that she would not live much longer than a year without getting a liver transplant.

However, the procedure is expensive and is not offered in Jamaica. THE WEEKEND STAR carried the story on June 3 last year, with both parents, Shanelle Stewart and AndrÈ Trail, appealing for assistance.

Now, at one year and seven months old, Alacia will finally undergo the lifesaving surgery on June 13 at a hospital in Delaware.

Biliary atresia is a condition that occurs in infants. It prevents the liver from releasing waste products and digesting fat in the body.

Trail, 25, explained that it has been a rough journey for the family, and though the struggles still continue, he is extremely happy to know that his only child will finally get the surgery she needs.


I'm thankful


Trail will also be going under the knife to donate a lobe of his liver for the procedure to be done.

"It's overwhelming to know that we've been through a lot and the process is finally coming through. Knowing what Alacia has been going through, and the whole family, I'm thankful, but we still need help," Trail said.

After months of reaching out to various overseas hospitals, the family made contact with a facility in Delaware, which has arranged for the family to travel to the United States to have the surgery done.

"I don't know how much it's going to cost yet ... I don't know how it's going to pay, but they [hospital] are going to do the surgery anyway. I don't know what is going to happen after that," Trail said.

The family landed in Delaware on May 23, and has been undergoing preparation for the surgery.

Alacia will remain in hospital under supervision until she has the surgery, but Trail said that she is doing well.

"She is sitting up, eating, taking her medications, playing with the toys they give her, and I don't see her doing a lot of crying, so she is not in any great pain," he said.

He explained that they are in a tough spot overseas as they are low on cash to cover basic necessities such as food.

Trail said that despite their many attempts at fundraising, they did not receive much help while in Jamaica. They are still imploring the public to help in any way they can.

"We're in a very difficult situation right now. I don't know when or how we could get help from anybody back home," Trail appealed.

Those wishing to assist may send Trail a WhatsApp message at 1 876 410 8017, or make donations to Scotia account 830880, Linstead branch, in AndrÈ Trail's Name.

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