Water shops to help dry communities

June 09, 2017
Water running from a pipe in Crooked River, Clarendon.

Local Government Minister Desmond McKenzie says the ministry’s responsibility to provide minor water supply will be bolstered by the acquisition of the rolling stock of the Rapid Response Unit.

The unit was created a number of years ago under what was then the Ministry of Water, to address the needs of people whose access to potable water was compromised.

In this administration, the unit falls under the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation.

"Cabinet approved this week, the transfer of assets from the Rapid Response Unit to the Ministry of Local Government and Community Development, and this will assist greatly in the implementation of our Minor Water Supply programme, which includes the construction of water shops in drought-stricken areas,” he said.

He said in a matter of weeks, the first water shop in Pennants, Clarendon would be opened. In this financial year, eight water shops will be constructed, three in Manchester, four in St Elizabeth and one in Kingston and St Andrew.

Each will also be supplied with two trucks, to ensure the efficient transportation of the commodity to its storage tanks, at the lowest cost.


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