Driver exists seat of moving bus

June 10, 2017


A video has been circulating online which appears to show a male driver of Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) bus getting up out of his seat while the bus was moving along the Portmore leg of Highway 2000.

In the video three-minute video, the driver can be heard hurling expletive-filled insults at an individual in the rear of the bus, who could be heard throwing a few insults of his own while the bus was stationary. The driver was later ushered back to his seat by a few passengers.

However, after taking his seat and driving a few metres, it appears that the diver let go of the steering and stood facing the back of the bus for a brief moment, causing passengers to scream in fright.

"The man get up from round the steering when the bus a drive," one passenger could be heard saying. "The man actually get up from round the steering. A movie alone me see them yah pon."

Other passengers then clamoured to be let out of the bus.


Official reports


When contacted, a representative of JUTC said they had not received any official reports of that incident. However, the representative said there was one complaint from a female passenger who said that there was argument between a driver and a man on a bus travelling from Portmore.

Based on the information that they received from the female passenger, the male passenger boarded the bus in the vicinity of the Portmore Mall and proceeded to pay his fare out of a $1,000 note which the driver refused to collect as company policy stipulates that those bills are not to be accepted.

The representative added that based on the reports that they received, the passenger still entered the bus and proceeded to verbally abuse the driver.

However, the representative said they were not aware of an incident that involved the driver leaving his seat while the bus was in motion.

"The case that we have, the driver did not move from his seat while the bus was in motion," the representative said.

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