GSAT invigilators yet to be paid

June 12, 2017
Students from the Bowden Hill Primary School in St Andrew read the Bible during devotion before this year's sitting of the GSAT.


While the students who sat the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) in March are still revelling in the results from last week, some of the invigilators have yet to receive payment for the work they did during the two-day examinations.

One invigilator, who asked for anonymity, told THE STAR that it is a common occurrence for invigilators who administer these examinations to be paid months after.

"We got paid in January of this year, for the (Grade Four) literacy test last year June," the invigilator said. "It shouldn't be taking so long, it's just over $6,000."


Correct documents


However, chief education officer, Grace McLean, said that it could be some issues with the submission of the correct documents that is preventing some persons from receiving payments.

"I have checked out in the past and I have found that some persons did not submit the basic documents that they should have submitted or some information that is missing from the form is needed in order for the payment to be made," McLean explained.

She added: "I have checked, and it shows that the money has been provided, well I am not going to say like the funds were paid like a week after (the exams) because, of course, the payments have to be provided based on when we would have requested the funds from the Ministry of Finance, but the money was allocated and payments made."

McLean is asking invigilators who worked on the March 16 and 17 examinations and have not received payment, to come forward for their cases to be investigated.

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