Upgrading work to begin on Spanish Town Hospital

June 12, 2017
Minister of Health, Dr Christopher Tufton (left), looks at a bed at the Spanish Town Hospital, during a tour of the facility on Friday. Others on the tour are CEO of the hospital, Gregory Thomas (centre) and director of nursing services, Sherleen Marshal Davis.

The Government is moving ahead with plans to rehabilitate the Spanish Town Hospital in St Catherine.

Health Minister Dr Christopher Tufton said that the technical work for the project would be undertaken this year.

He said that the objective is to upgrade the institution from a Type B to a Type A facility as part of ongoing efforts to improve the country's health system.

"What we have committed to doing is a major overhaul of this facility. Starting this year, we are looking at the technical aspect. That includes looking at the needs of the facility, areas where expansion needs to take place - the operating theatres, providing additional bed space - and do the necessary designs for that work. As we move into the next financial year, we will be working to secure the funding to do actual expansion," he informed.

Built in 1952, the Spanish Town Hospital was originally designed to accommodate 277 beds. The facility has, however, exceeded its capacity with over 430 beds.

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