Baby clothes for rent

June 13, 2017
Baby clothes

An environmentally conscious Danish entrepreneur, Vigga Svensson, has created a business in which she rents out baby clothes to parents.

“Babies grow and clothes do not grow, that’s why we got the idea to rent out kids clothes,” Svensson told BBC News.

She has been in the ethical kids fashion industry for some 10 years, where she makes environmentally friendly clothes for children. However, she said she realized it was still creating a strain on the environment, as only two percent of clothes are recycled globally.

“We weren’t those green super heroes that we thought we were. Even though our products were very ‘green’, the way people use dour products was not very green,” she explained.

The business was launched in 2014, and so far has some  3,000 members.

They pay a monthly membership fee of EU$55 (approximately$9,000) and gets a bag of 16 articles of eco-friendly clothing made by the company, which are updated as the child grows from baby to toddler.

The company has about 20,000 articles of clothing in the rental system, and each item is used up to 150 times.

The Damgaard family rents baby clothes from the company.

“I think it’s obviously a very practical thing that you always have clothes in the right size. Obviously it also good for the environment that we don’t buy too much. We just have what we need,”  Damgaard said.


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