Residents want senior cops in the street

June 13, 2017

Residents of Hanover are calling for the police to rebuild trust by re-implementing community policing strategies, which helped to keep crime levels at the lowest in the island up to the mid-2000s.

The calls come even as commanding officer for the Hanover Police Division, Superintendent Sharon Beeput, bemoaned the fact residents were not forthcoming with information on criminal activities in the parish.

"We need the communities to come on board with us," Beeput said.




"I don't know for what reason but I know there might be instances that persons might say they cannot trust the police ...," Beeput said.

Leonard Sharpe, a resident of Hanover, said more senior ranks should be placed on the ground.

"The community people wi more trust di bigger ranks. You see like how one time she (Superintendent) used to lead community relations unit and used to walk through the community and have meeting, that's how they can meet people one-on-one and people will give them information," Sharpe said.

Ronald Webster, pastor for the Hopewell Missionary Church, said winning back the trust of the people should not be difficult.

"It is a simple thing. It is something I have said to the police over and over. You are going to have to go back to basic interaction with people in their communities, treating people with respect, the 'Hi, Good morning; How are you doing; How are things in your community';" Webster said.

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