One daughter dead, another pregnant at 11

June 14, 2017


Life for one mother has been thrown into a tailspin after her 11-year-old, now a ward of the State, was allegedly raped and impregnated.

This comes four years after the death of another daughter, allegedly at the hands of her lover who is now on trial.

The woman said she became suspicious that something was amiss with her younger daughter after she noticed changes in her behaviour, appetite and body.

After quizzing the child on several occasions, she finally admitted all was not well.

She reported the matter to the police and the child was subsequently examine by a doctor and her pregnancy confirmed.

She said the girl told her a neighbour raped her. A man was charged with the act and the case is before the courts.


Difficult to sleep


The mother's woes started years ago when her first daughter became involved with an older man at age 14.

That daughter ran away to live with the man and after a couple of years, her decomposed body was found buried in a shallow grave shortly after giving birth to a son.

The mother told THE STAR that after her daughter's death, she has had to care for her grandson. At times she says she so stressed out, she finds it difficult to sleep at nights.

"Is just me alone. I have no help. My mother was hit off the road by a minibus and she died. I am just with my children alone and try to make it on my own. I am so weak. Sometimes I can't even find the strength to cook," she said.

She said she has to be constantly going to court for both cases involving her daughters and that on one occasion, both cases were mentioned on the same day.

She said that she sought counselling but after one session and a promise by the institution that they would call to schedule more sessions, she is yet to receive a call.

The mother said that although she is willing to work in number of jobs, she has had to reject offers that would take her away from caring for her grandson.

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