Running water is alien to our kids - Residents demand precious commodity in their community

June 14, 2017
Kenneth Steele transporting bottles of water to members of the community.
Residents say they have to pay in order to get water as the pipes in their community are dry.

The phrase 'Water is Life' seems to be just a slogan for some residents of Kidd Lane, Kingston 13, who describe people among them as 'walking dead' as the dry pipes are the only apparent evidence that the precious commodity once existed in their community.

Residents told THE STAR that running water is alien to many.

A woman, who declined to give her name or have her photo taken, said the age of her child is how she tracks the last time they had running water.

"My son a five, and him never see running water here yet. A buy mi haffi buy water and throw inna pan fi him bathe with. It cost mi $500 fi full a drum, and we tek time use it," she said.


Makeshift bathroom


Our news team was taken to a premises on Kidd Lane, and shown a makeshift bathroom where people shower.

Positioned next to a broken standpipe is a drum with water.

"The only time deh so wet is when we tek water from the drum and splash on we self. When the drum empty, deh so dry. It would be a dream come true fi see water start run from the pipe again. Di pickney dem woulda probably fraid cause dem nuh use to it," another resident said.

But in the absence of water, a parent said the children simply cannot go to school.

"Children dem can't go school without bathe. When we will tek chance send dem without money, dem haffi clean," the parent said.

Based on their dire situation, the residents are now calling on their political representative to act swiftly to get water running through their pipes again.

Recently, when THE STAR spoke with councillor for the Whitfield Town Division, Eugene Kelly, he told our news team that he has been in constant dialogue with the National Water Commission (NWC).

Kelly said, "I am aware of the issue. Norman Lane, Cookhorn Lane, Kidd Lane, and some other areas along that stretch on Spanish Town Road are suffering from water problems. As it relates to the issue of bill payment, I have met with the NWC over the years to say that many of the residents are willing to pay."

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