Women hunting quick - 'tightness' - vagina products selling fast

June 16, 2017


Many Jamaican women seem to be on the hunt for quick tighteners for their 'lady parts'.

Sade Buckeridge, owner of Fetish Secretz told THE WEEKEND STAR that she stocks two types of tighteners that work within minutes, and they are among her best sellers.

"We have the China Shrink Cream and we also have an organic one called Tightna. That one you insert like a tampon, and the cream is something you just rub on the outside and just a little bit into the entrance," Buckeridge explained.

She said customers flock the fast tighteners for various reasons.

"Some might say, 'Lord I've been so bad when my husband wasn't here so I need a shrink cream', and you know women have this ego thing to say them have the tightest vagina," she said.

China Shrink Creams contain alum as the main ingredient and retail for $3,500. Manufacturers claim the active ingredient will tighten the vaginal muscles in five minutes.

Tightna is made in India and is said to be organic, but the ingredients are not listed. It retails for $8,000.

"I have to get shrink cream all the time. It's selling at least four or five times a week," Buckeridge said.

Aside from the tighteners, Buckeridge said Ben Wa balls have been selling like hot bread. They act as the weights in the kegel exercises, which are performed to strengthen a woman's pelvic floor muscles overtime.


Natural methods


"Those have been selling like crazy especially since the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. You have vibrate and no vibrate types available in small, medium, large," she said.

Similarly, Sekou Bavis, who operates Cloud 9 Pleasures, said his Ben Wa balls have been doing well.

"If you vagina loose, or you just have a baby, or you just want maintenance, you insert the balls and 'quint' the vagina and try keep up the balls, so that builds the muscles. They sell for $2,500 and $3,000. Women do like it, and they tend to recommend it to others," He said.

Renowned gynaecologist Dr Michael Abrahams advised that women seeking tightness should stick to natural methods such as daily kegel exercises, and if that fails, they should consult a physician.

"In general, we don't really encourage those stuff (tightening creams), but I can't speak for all of the products because I don't know all of them. Some of these products are actually astringents, so they make the vagina drier, and it feels like it's tighter but it's not really healthy," he said.

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